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Students give ultimatum for lecturers’ payment

By Yang Ater


Student Union of Rumbek University of Science and Technology demands immediate payment of salary arrears and allowances to the university’s lecturers.

The student’s Union has issued a three-day ultimatum to the National Ministry of Finance.

Guild President of the University, Mayay Makur Mayay expressed concern regarding the ongoing industrial action by the institution’s staff.

“In light of this, the General Assembly of the Student Leadership has given a three-day ultimatum to the relevant ministries to resolve this matter,” the guild president said.

He urged the Ministry of Finance and Planning to promptly settle all outstanding salary arrears for both classified and unclassified staff.

He further added that if the issue remains unresolved after the specified ultimatum, it would be the responsibility of the Rumbek University Student Union leadership to take further action.

“Should they fail to do so, we will proceed with a peaceful demonstration, duly notifying the State authorities and the National Security Services (NSS),” he warned.

According to Mayay, students would be unable to attend lectures according to the timetable of various colleges, potentially causing the academic semester to extend beyond May.

However, he expressed hope that once the salary arrears are settled, the university can resume normal operations, allowing students to continue their academic year peacefully.

Bahkita, a student at Rumbek University, stated that the nation’s development relies on education, which is why they are pursuing their studies.

Meanwhile, the Acting Chairperson of the Rumbek University of Science and Technology Academic Staff Association, Lect. Khot Manyuon explained that the academic staff have been on strike since February 11, and will continue until their demands are met by the government.

Manyuon revealed that during a meeting, they had issued a seven-day ultimatum for the government to address their demands.

However, no tangible progress has been made except for the payment of September salaries, which is insufficient.

Manyuon expressed his dilemma between settling debts and paying school fees for his children, as the one-month salary is inadequate.

He said that there are several outstanding arrears, including four months’ worth of salaries and ticket allowances from 2019 to the present, which remain unpaid. Additionally, June salary arrears are still pending.

Manyuon mentioned that the support staff has also joined the strike action, and they have stopped working. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of communication between the students and himself since the staff initiated the strike.

The situation remains tense as both the students and the academic staff await a resolution from the government to address their grievances promptly.





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