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Three wounded in clashes at Finance Ministry

By Bida Elly David


Three police officers sustained injuries in a violent confrontation between security personnel and Wounded Heroes at the national Ministry of Finance and Fiscal Planning, on Wednesday.

According to police, the clash occurred when wounded veterans, numbering between 20-30, seeking their financial claims, allegedly turned aggressive towards the security officers present at the ministry.

This led to random gunshots at the finance ministry.

National police spokesperson, Major Gen. Daniel Justine said that the wounded soldiers, who had arrived to follow up on their medical clearance, became violent.

“The soldiers who caused insecurity at the premises were wounded soldiers who went to follow up their medical clearance from the ministry, they turned too brutal against our forces and wounded three of the officers but afterwards they were expelled,” he said.

Maj. Gen. Justine added that the police officers resorted to using their firearms not with the intent to cause harm, but to defend themselves and to deter the attackers.

He explained that the security personnel stationed at the ministry were primarily responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the smooth functioning of financial procedures, rather than dealing with such disturbances.

According to the police spokesperson, the wounded soldiers had previously visited the ministry multiple times to address their financial concerns regarding medical treatment.

However, the sudden escalation of violence during Wednesday’s incident caught authorities by surprise.

The spokesperson estimated that there were between 20 and 30 soldiers involved in the clash, with the possibility of more hiding near the Ministry of General Education.

Justine assured that the exact number would be determined through further investigation.

While no significant damage was caused to the ministry’s property, Gen. Justine affirmed that the authorities were determined to apprehend those involved, as they were individuals known to the security agencies.

“These people are well known to us, we don’t really bother, we will still open a case against them, as for now our three soldiers have been rushed to the hospital for treatment,’’ he stated.

He stated that a case would be opened against them and that the injured officers had been promptly taken to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, Edmund Yakani, Executive Director for Community Empowerment and Progress Organization (CEPO), condemned the shootings against the wounded soldiers, expressing sympathy for those injured while fighting for their rights.

He called upon the nation’s leadership, especially the presidency, to address the matter urgently.

Yakani emphasized the importance of recognizing and appreciating the wounded heroes for their contributions to South Sudan’s struggle for independence.

“I want his Excellency president to remember the lives of these wounded soldiers. Some of them have families that require them to offer services. Some of them are facing responsibility in their houses and their houses are breaking down,” he said.

He urged support for the veterans, considering the hardships they face, such as the impact on their families and their deteriorating living conditions.

While advocating for the soldiers’ rights, Yakani also encouraged them to pursue their claims through peaceful and nonviolent means, underscoring the significance of a positive approach.

The security situation at the ministry has since stabilized, with increased deployment of security personnel to prevent further incidents.


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