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Armed men kill police officer in Rumbek

By Yang Ater


A police officer identified as Santino Meen Manyuat has been tragically killed in Apet village, Malek Payam, Rumbek Central County.

According to police, the perpetrator responsible for the heinous act was a suspended armed criminal from Cueibet County.

Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac, the spokesperson for Lakes State Police, said the incident happened at Apet Police Post around 1:00 PM on Wednesday.

“A group of armed criminals believed to have come from Cueibet County, arrived at the police post and left behind a herd of goats. Sergeant Santino Meen Manyuat, valiantly fulfilling his duty, approached the criminals to inquire about the goats’ ownership and purpose, without warning, the criminals turned on him and fatally shot him. After committing this heinous act, they fled the scene, leaving behind the abandoned goats,” he explained.

He said law enforcement agencies are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the crime, with the aim of identifying and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Maj. Mabor emphasized that this was the only incident reported during the previous day.

In response to the escalating security concerns, authorities deemed it necessary to deploy additional forces to Apet village.

He said a small contingent of police officers, supplemented by soldiers from other organized forces such as the wildlife department, were dispatched to reinforce security along the road.

This measure was taken due to the recurring incidents of intrusion, looting, and violence in the area, often attributed to individuals from Cueibet County.

To address the crisis in Rumbek North County, where tensions had risen between cattle keepers from Rumbek North and Luanyjang cattle keepers from Tonj East County, police spokesperson said forces from Malek Payam were temporarily relocated.

The majority of the forces were transferred to Maper, while a few personnel remained in Malek Payam, he added.

Maj. Mabor highlighted the communication challenges faced in the region.

The distance between Rumbek Central County and Apet village in Malek Payam is considerable, and network coverage is limited or nonexistent.

He said it is difficult to establish efficient communication channels., adding that in some cases, individuals must climb trees in search of a signal to relay vital information.



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