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Lakes State realises improved performance in P.8 results

By Yang Ater Yang


Lakes State has released 2023 Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) exam results for candidates for 139 schools, reflecting improvement in performance.

The state Ministry of General Education and Instructions had registered 4,960 candidates for CPE national exams, while 1,568 females, and 3,220 males passed the exams.

The overall pass rate in the state increased slightly in 2023 performance by 00.05 which is (71.5) compared to 2022 (71.0%).

Seven schools which dominated the top ten performing schools are government-run, marking a significant improvement in 2023 performance highlights compared to 2022.

Lakes State, like other regions, saw lower performance in both Mathematics and English subjects.

Nelson Makoi Makur, the state minister of general education commended Governor Rin Tueny Mabor for his support in improving education and thanked various stakeholders including teachers, exam staff, and security forces for their contributions.

He acknowledged a slight decline in national performance compared to previous years, attributing it to stricter exam measures, implementation of free education, and teacher screening.

He emphasized the focus on quality education and announced plans to recruit qualified math and English teachers, incentivize top-performing schools, and address teacher salary delays.

The State recruited 1,000 new teachers last year, but minister Makoi emphasized the need for more qualified math and English instructors.

For his part acting Director General at the state ministry of education, Gabriel Maluac Yak attributed the improved pass rate to the free and compulsory education policy.

Meanwhile, Lakes State Examination Secretary Baranaba Abuod Athian confirmed the increase in the number of students taking the exam due to the free education policy.

The Lakes State Ministry of Education presented a positive outlook despite the slight decline in national performance.

The focus on quality education, teacher recruitment, and addressing challenges like salary delays highlighted by the state minister of education is a promising step towards further improvement.


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