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Pension Fund Bill advances to Ministry of Justice

By Gladys Fred Kole


National Constitution Amendment Committee (NCAC) has presented National Pension Fund Amendment Bill 2024 to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional affairs.

Speaking to journalists upon delivery of the bill, chairperson of the NCAC, Gichira Kibara said they have reviewed the act to strengthen the process of administering pensions in the country.

During the working life of a public servant, both the employee and the government make some contribution towards the retirement, and that is what the pension fund is all about.

“As you are aware, pensions are very important because they guarantee security in old age. When people have worked for many years in the public service and are retiring, they need something to live on after they retire.” Kibara explained.

He, however, acknowledged a lot of loopholes that have been in the law about administering the pensions.

“There have not been adequate provisions for the proper keeping of records so that you know how much you have contributed and how much the government has contributed for your retirement, and you’re able to get your money as soon as you retire,” Kibara noted.

“We have strengthened a lot to make sure that there’s a clear record of who is contributing and how much they are contributing so that they can be able to access those funds as soon as they retire,” he continued.

The NCAC chair emphasized that those funds should be kept properly, and where they are invested, they can produce enough income for enough money to be there when public servants retire.

Kibara highlighted that they have strengthened the board of trustees that will be in charge of pensions and also the reporting mechanism so that the board’s reporting to the members of the pension fund as well as to the legislature is adequate.

He said they ensured that those funds were protected and people were guaranteed a good income when they retired.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gabriel Isaac Awow, the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Justice, acknowledged and appreciated the role played by the national constitution amendment committee despite all the challenges they encountered until yesterday, when they finally managed to pass this bill.

“One of the important things for the people of South Sudan, especially those who serve this country, is that one day they will go home. These bills are now amended to meet many criteria and many areas of pension for government employees.” Isaach said

“We want to inform the people of South Sudan that you have the bill for your pension in order, and for sure, these bills will address your rights and your interests after you retire from serving the people of South Sudan,” he added.

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