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Aweil launches bi-weekly cleanup

By Hou Akot Hou


In an effort to improve public health and aesthetics, the Northern Bahr El Ghazal state government has launched a bi-weekly cleanup initiative in Aweil Town.

The program, targeting the town’s most littered areas, aims to combat the spread of diseases and beautify the environment.

“We’ll be cleaning the main areas by clearing bushes around Maper-Akot Aru, Zera, Naifasha, and other neighborhoods,” explains Zecharia Dut Mou, Aweil Town Council.

“This initiative combats infections like diarrhea and sporadic fires,” he added.

Mr. Mou highlighted the dual purpose of the program: preventing fire spread by clearing flammable vegetation and promoting hygiene by addressing public urination and defecation.

He emphasized the community’s involvement, achieved through collaboration with local chiefs who mobilize their subjects for the cleanup efforts.

Garang Deng Abuok, a local chief, welcomes the initiative.

“We’ve awaited this for a long time. We want to keep Aweil clean, especially as the hot season approaches, to prevent diseases like cholera among our children” he stated.

Residents urge the state government to sustain and expand the program beyond the identified municipality areas, addressing sanitation concerns throughout the town.

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