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Dr. Igga advises youth against disunity

By Bida Elly David


Vice President for Economic Cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga, has warned young people against disunity, urging them to desist from tribalism and embark on nation-building.

The vice president spoke during a youth leadership mentorship forum organized by the Central Equatoria State Union.

The forum drew youth delegates to the National Youth Convention, leaders of the county’s youth leadership.

In a statement from the vice president’s media office, Dr. Igga stated that young people are the future leaders of South Sudan as a young nation, noting that splitting themselves apart will hinder development at all levels.

He encouraged the youth both at national and state levels to be united, embrace unity, and be humble and connected with the grassroots.

He noted that the future political and economic leadership is at the hands of young people, emphasizing that it is time for young people to think of how to transform the nation into a better state since the old folk’s time is soon elapsing.

He urged youth to desist from initiatives that are meaningless, particularly engagement in the consumption of drugs and instigating tribalism.

The VP urged young people to also desist from any cultural influence promoting inter-communal violence, adding that young people should be community peacemakers but not dividers.

Meanwhile, the state’s youth union chairperson, Charles Lado, commended the vice president for his educative message, saying they will work hard to unite the youth through coordination with the national youth league.

He expressed their state readiness to participate in the 3rd National Youth Convention and are aspiring for the National Youth Leadership as young people from Central Equatoria State.

Ten delegates to the 3rd National Youth Convention attended the Mentorship Forum.

The Mentorship Forum was attended by the State Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports, Hon. Rita Dominic Jada, who advised the youth to neglect political differences and concentrate on their interests.

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