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For me who saw hunger yesterday, I have been thinking of where to go to

It is not good to know the physical appearance of everything. Sometimes, some things have scary appearances. But sometimes, other things show themselves to people by force. Yesterday, I slept hungry and when I woke up in the morning, my hustling mood was very doom. So, I again spent the day hungry.

I never felt hungry before the same way I felt hungry yesterday. It feels like I was attacked by hunger and its cousin. Living in a Rokuba raised by iron sheets and roofed by iron sheets, the sun heat came and finished me up. So, I was just waiting for my last breath. All I was doing was taking a gulp of water every 30 minutes.

To my dismay, the water tasted bitter. I think water is tasteless only when one has eaten something. I lay in bed as if resting and that was all. I fell asleep. I was in a very deep sleep as if God was taking a rib out of me to make my own Eve. While asleep, hunger appeared to me in its full military attire. It is a daydream worth remembering.

I first thought it was an elephant, but when it came closer, I ruled out an elephant and thought of a dinosaur. In the end, it was none of the animals I thought of. It has long and sharp horns. It has crocodile-like teeth and it has a powerful tail just like that of a dinosaur. To my surprise, it has claws. Which animal could this be? I asked myself. I became confused.

I was like, could this be God? Okay, if God, who am I to God to show Himself to me? If He did show Himself to those of Abraham, Moses, Daniel and Elijah, whom He loved so much to take to heaven without being buried, who am I? Another heart told me that this is not God, but the Satan. Yes, the Satan must appear confusing like this.

Hunger interrupted me. It stood in front of me and ordered me to listen to it carefully. So, what could a tiny and on top, a hungry man like me do? I nodded my head to give it a go-ahead. Mr. Malek, take this message to South Sudanese. Imagine hunger knows my name. When you wake up, pick a pen and paper and write an opinion, telling South Sudanese that the version of hunger that has now struck is hard to bear with. It is too toxic to spare even an infant.

Every part of me is hurtful. If I miss you with my horns, I will not miss grinding you with my teeth. If I miss gripping you with my claws, I won’t miss crushing you with my long and thick tail. The hunger continued. I have asked for a “collabo” with the United States Dollar and it has accepted my collaboration. 100 USD is 140,000 SSP and commodities have already skyrocketed in the markets.

A common man no longer afford a loaf of sandwiches for his children and this is where I invite myself. The weakness of the government in controlling the economic crisis has given me an upper hand to do anything. I’m not joking this time, hunger then concluded. Imagine, even hunger knows the weakness of the government. I then woke up and found it was a dream.

Though a dream, I was shocked. I was shocked because the dollar rate is terrorising people. Any time it shoots up, prices also shoot up. When it drops, prices remain high, waiting for its next rise to skyrocket higher. When I compare this situation with how hunger threatened me in a dream, I conclude that the people of South Sudan are in jeopardy.

Since that day hunger appeared to me in its devilish attire, I have been thinking of a neighboring country to seek refuge from. Staying in South Sudan is a suicidal decision to make. The eradication of hunger seems to have defeated the government and so, one should flee to where he/she deems hunger-free or less hunger-stricken.

Thanks for “Sowing The Seed Of Truth”.

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