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High expectation awaits New Rumbek Mayor

By Yang Ater Yang


Lakes State Governor Rin Tueny Mabor, in a ceremony held at the State Secretariat, presided over the swearing-in of His Lordship Akol Manyang Magom as the new Mayor of Rumbek Municipal Council.

The appointment, which bypassed democratic elections, has sparked both congratulatory messages and concerns regarding the path to leadership.

Governor Mabor extended his congratulations to Mayor Magom on his appointment, acknowledging that it was not through the conventional democratic process but rather through consultation.

He underlined that the appointment was a result of the prevailing transition phase in the country.

However, he urged the newly appointed Mayor to view this as an opportunity to prepare for future elections rather than the final outcome.

During the ceremony, Governor Mabor took a moment to recognize the achievements of the former Mayor, Peter Maliap, who had served alongside him for nearly three years.

Governor Mabor delivered a stern warning to Mayor Magom, stating the need for caution in words and actions.

He advised the Mayor to exercise restraint and diplomacy, cautioning that the power bestowed upon him should not be used recklessly.

He stressed that maintaining a respectful dialogue, even in challenging situations, was crucial because words had the potential to cause significant harm.

The governor outlined the responsibilities and expectations placed upon the new Mayor.

“Now, I have given you power and all of us will be watchful and if you go crazy we will not leave you but if you try to use that power from your people then we will have no problem,” he said .

” Because the people will agree with you when you do good things and if you do wrong, they will say no you have done wrong things. You will learn from the public and you will learn from the colleagues but finally don’t revenge.”

“If you have any difficulties please just consult by going out slow and these are advice I can give you and urges him to prepare a city of Rumbek municipality in 2024.”

He called upon Mayor Magom to address various societal issues, including child labour, crime prevention, and the promotion of a clean and beautiful town environment.

Encouraging the growth of the private sector, Governor Mabor urged the Mayor to support local businesses, foster partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and empower entrepreneurs.

In his response, Mayor Magom expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him by Governor Mabor.

He affirmed his commitment to serving the people of Lakes State, while also promising to work collaboratively with government officials and abide by the customary law of Lakes State.

“I would also want to assure each and every one that I will serve the people of Lakes State through the procedural of the governor of Lakes State.”

“I am going to protect the law and the government,” he said.

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