News, Upper Nile State

Manytuil urges youth to cease violence

By Kidega Livingstone


Unity State governor, Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang, has called on the youth of his state to refrain from the conflict in the neighbouring Ayei and Warrap States.

While addressing a gathering at St. Bakhita Parish in Mayom County, Governor Manytuil told the communities of Twic, Ngok, and Bul to cease violence among themselves.

He said the three communities’ members have been living together as one community for many years as brothers and sisters.

“Bul youth in Twic County and Abyei Administrative Area must come back home, and they should avoid the conflict because peace among the communities means peace and stability in Mayom County,” said Manytuil.

The Unity State Governor pardoned the armed group involved in the conflict in the Abyei area and Twic county of Warrap State for complying with the order of President Kiir.

“I assured the full commitment of the Abyei and Unity State governments to facilitating the return of the internally displaced persons to the UNISFA,” he stated.

For his part, the Commissioner of Mayom County, Luka Chierey Riek, said inadequate medical supply and poor school infrastructure, as well as the road network, are the challenges facing the populace in his county.

Luka highlighted the dire humanitarian’ situation of the people who fled to the UNISFA camp and are calling for their return to Mayom County.



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