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Musicians amplify calls for peaceful transition

By Gladys Fred Kole


As the December elections approach, artists in the country have called for unity and cooperation among the people to ensure peaceful voting.

The artists in an exclusive interview with No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper emphasized the importance of coming together during the election period and promoting a peaceful environment where everyone can exercise their right to vote without fear or intimidation.

Musician WJ, the King of Lokwilili Kingdom well known for being a peace advocate through his music said that as musicians in South Sudan, it’s time for them to send a positive message to the people, adding that it’s time to stand and shine since they want a democratic country.

“Most of our artists sometimes say that our country is not good; it is not peaceful and runs to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi. We should remember that the place you’re running to has its own people who fought; all their own artists fought and are fighting for it to have peace among themselves,” the Salama hitmaker said.

He urged his fellows to use their God-given musical talent and platforms to send impactful messages instead of all the social media disrespect, bragging, abuse, and nonsense that they let people consume.

“You’re here to make your business the right way, so please, let’s be smart. Remember, you’re a public figure. Anything you do wrong, the people who love you will follow. Please, let’s organize ourselves and respect ourselves,” he urged artists.

Music brings change and an aspect of togetherness to our societies today because people listen to songs in every situation.

“Through music, you promote peace according to your composition alone, view what the people are, try to tell them the truth, let them know what is good and what is bad, and also let it come from the heart,” he explained.

The King of Lokwilili Kingdom further advised that, in case of any problem with someone, approach the person and solve it amicably.

“We are the people who are crying that people should be united, so why are we disrespecting ourselves in the media?” he queried.

He also cautioned that the masses should desist from the heart of fighting and killing, saying that time has gone and it’s time for reconciliation because no one will change this country but its citizens.

“Like our president stated clearly last year that he is not ready to take the country back to war, no one should also be willing to go back to war. We should be ready for our president to strike for peace,” WJ De King noted.

Another musician, Mary Boyoi, the self-proclaimed original first lady, reiterated that this is the period where, as musicians should compose more peace songs so that people can vote freely and fairly in the end.

“As an artist, you don’t go to the government because you know if you go to the government and take a side, you can’t be an entertainer. I don’t want to support any political party,” Boyoi emphasized.

She also encouraged the idea of holding an event with the aim of raising awareness about how people can vote and choose their leaders without discrimination, especially at the grassroots.

For his part, Mc Lumoex, another musician known for peace advocacy through his music, said that in this critical period, artists have a greater role in mobilizing the population to come together and vote through their music.

“As artists, let’s call the warring parties to create an atmosphere and environment for peace. Creating an environment for peace means let’s put down our guns and not fight one another because we are one; there’s no need for more bloodshed,” Lumoex appealed.

He underscored that lasting peace in a country is the collective responsibility of the citizens, adding that politicians need to work hard to send a message of peace instead of divisionism.

“We need to create the right methodology for us to achieve peace, come up with good concepts that are inclusive for everybody, equality, and equity—all those things need to come together so that we can achieve peace,” he emphasized.

According to him, permanent peace can’t be achieved when the methodology for achieving peace is not right, noting that peace is something that the whole of South Sudan and the whole world is yearning for.

However, Lumoex lamented that a war within is the kind of disagreement where brothers and sisters fight and such renders a lack of development as crises take over.

He expressed that it’s never his wish for such a situation to occur, saying people are tired of bloodshed.


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