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Until you find a liquid brother, the solid one is envious

There lived two brothers from different mothers. Their names were John and Angelo. John was a hard-working young man. If you would rank hustlers worldwide, he would fall in the top 10.

Each day he set himself in motion, he would return with meat of an elephant or a buffalo. He was a great hunter. Of course, a hunter who used to shoot without missing. Not only that, he was also good at cultivation. Each year, he would buy either two or three cows and a number of goats. Wealth did not take long to come to him.

He was wealthier than his step-brother, Angelo and his agemates in the village. What follows when a young man becomes rich? Of course, what follows is marriage. John won a very competitive marriage. He married a very beautiful girl. If she were born in this modern world, her parents would benefit so much from her beauty. She would be one of the Miss World. Anyway!

Despite having married, John never abandoned hustling. Now, eyes were turned on Angelo to look for his own wealth and marry as well. But Angelo was the laziest young man on earth. He was always told to work like John and this made him become jealous of John. He was extremely good at wishing to have other people’s property. In all his prayers, he asked God to take the life of John so that he would inherit John’s wife and wealth.

Our God is sometimes biased. Unfortunately, John died a sudden death. On hearing this, Angelo bitterly cried as if it were his twin brother who died, and not John, the one he had been wishing to die. Relatives gathered to dig a grave and Angelo was still crying loudly as if he was masking something and indeed, he was masking his evil wish against John.

When the body was about to be laid, a relative, who was also jealous of John, went to Angelo and told him to pause crying and listen to him. He whispered into Angelo’s ear that, Mr. Angelo, you are crying to death. If you die, who do you think will inherit John’s wife and wealth? Wipe your tears away and take courage. Angelo then answered, my friend, don’t let me laugh before John is laid to rest. Look at how devilish his answer was!

You cannot understand your solid brother even if you hire a lecturer to lecture you on his nature. He is chameleon-like. If you say he is blue, he can turn yellow later. If you say he is green, he can turn black later. Any minute, your solid brother has a different colour. So, it is difficult to describe your solid brother. In every move you take, whether or not you have calculated it, that person who pulls you down is your solid brother.

As you pray for a better day, your solid brother prays for a worse day. A solid brother wishes you death but a liquid brother wishes you to live a million years. When you fall into trouble, your solid brother becomes a journalist, assigning himself to report the news of your problem even if it is confidential. But a liquid brother keeps your problem secret.

A liquid brother pushes you when you are climbing up a ladder of success but a solid brother pulls you down. Yes, a solid brother is so rocky to unite with you and become one. But a liquid brother enters you, mixes with you and becomes one and only one. Nothing, apart from death, can separate you.

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