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Returnees face catastrophic conditions-RRC

By Hou Akot Hou


Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) is urgently appealing for assistance to over 700 households residing in makeshift shelters in Rumaker Village, Aweil East County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State.

Mr. Angelo Deng Akol, Deputy Chairperson of the RRC, revealed the dire situation during a press conference in Aweil Town on Tuesday.

Surveys conducted by the RRC and partners revealed that Aweil East County is facing severe food insecurity, categorized as Level 4 by the World Food Programme.

“The situation demands quick assistance,” Deng emphasized. “We will dispatch a team of enumerators within a week to register the returnees in Rumaker for relief distribution,” he said.

Mr. Akol outlined the RRC’s plan to address the situation.

He said a team of enumerators will be dispatched within a week to register the returnees in Rumaker, facilitating the distribution of relief aid.

The RRC aims to provide essential non-food items such as plastic sheeting and cooking materials to the affected households.

According to Akol discussions are underway with local authorities to secure land for agricultural purposes during the upcoming rainy season, promoting long-term food security.

Last month, the Aweil East County Commissioner, along with local officials, visited Rumaker and shared reports with stakeholders.

These reports prompted the RRC to send a verification team prior to distributing food and non-food items.

The RRC’s appeal highlights the critical need for immediate and coordinated humanitarian intervention to alleviate the suffering of the returnees in Rumaker village.

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