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Bureau to increase presence in states

By William Madouk


South Sudan National Bureau of Standards (SSNBS) plans to extend its operation to the ten states and three administrative areas to ensure safety and quality.

National minister of trade and industry, William Anyuon Koul revealed yesterday during the handover of 18 laptops and 10 motorcycles to SSNBS state branches.

The equipment were given to Wau, Malakal, Renk and Abyei branches to ease their work and mobility.

He said there are only three states where National Bureau of Standards has its presence.

“But we have ten states and two administrative areas that need to be given priority, and for now we have already put some other processes in place,” he added.

Mr. Kuol explained that he wrote notification letters to governors and chief administrators about their intentions to be present in their respective states.

“So, our coming there is to make sure we see, we assess the environment, and then we send our team.”

“If the human resources that we have here in this institution are not enough, we are going to make recruitment’ in a fair and transparent manner, deploy them in our ten states to do the work of the people of South Sudan,” he stated.

Also, the chairperson of the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards, Dr. Kurowel Kuai Kuorwel, highlighted that there are two types of security: defense executed by law enforcement and food safety security.

“The second pillar is the public health security of the citizens of that particular country, and another important part is the economy,” Kurowel underscored.

“We do have some labs, like in Nimule, Wau, and Juba; we have some of our presence in those places, and as mentioned earlier, we will strive hard to ensure that we don’t concentrate on border entry,” he added.

He stressed that social and international standards are the guidance and protectors of life in a country when it comes to quality and safety.

“As far as the national security of this country is concerned, if we get it right, we accept our nation. If we get it wrong by engaging in a way that is not acceptable, we will be killed, and we will participate in the killing of our own citizens,” he highlighted.


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