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NBS generates SSP 1.2 Billion monthly-minister

By William Madouk


National minister of trade and industry, William Anyuon Kuol revealed that South Sudan National Bureau of Standards generates about SSP 1.2 billion per month.

“The monthly report from this institution, the last report that I got, was SSP 1.2 billion that was raised by this institution (SSNBS). It is big money!” said Kuol.

According to the minister, the institution faces some challenges that need to be resolved.

“There are some challenges that need improvement, and now, despite all these challenges, they have managed to raise 1.2 billion in one month,” he added.

Minister Kuol made the revelation on Thursday during his first-ever welcome ceremony at the Bureau of Standards since his appointment.

Mr. Kuol urged that the Bureau of Standards be funded and empowered to enable them to obtain testing equipment and reagents.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards, Dr. Kurowel Kuai Kuorwel, stated that they are not just technical institutions, but they are also very important institutions of the economy.

“Hon. Minister, the lives of over 12 million South Sudanese are bested and entrusted with the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards, which is under your direct supervision and guidance. We have to protect our health,” he added.

SSNBS also complained of inadequate financial resources, testing equipment, and staff mobility.

“So, I don’t want to hear the story of closing down the lab in Nimule, but I also want to thank the minister of finance for being able to make sure we have reagents,” Kurowel noted.

“Starting from my own office, all down, I always feel bad about the issue of mobility. People use their cars; sometimes they ask me to put fuel in, and I always keep saying no, but they still come to work,” he lamented.

Besides, he added that the Bureau of Standards is an institution that deals with life, and thus its staff requires special consideration so that they don’t compromise during the course of their work.


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