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Aweil youth convene for peace, security ahead of elections

By Hou Akot Hou


At least sixty young people from five counties of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, gathered for a two-day workshop on peace and security ahead of elections.

The youth are joined by women and government representatives for the event at Aweil Town.

Empower Youth Africa Organization organized the workshop under the theme “Maintaining Peace and Security during Elections,”.

Project Officer Deng Teng Achien said the workshop aimed at equipping young people with conflict resolution skills and promote peaceful participation in the electoral process.

“We want to enlighten youth on how to be more peaceful and observant of potential conflict triggers,” Achien explained.

“We aim to ensure everyone’s voices are heard and their concerns are incorporated into the national youth strategy” he continued.

Achien acknowledged the public’s anxieties about potential election-related violence.

“Bringing young people together allows their issues to be addressed and helps build trust in the electoral process,” he stated.

Participants included representatives from the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport, and the Ministry of Gender, among others.

Mary Akur Garang, a participant, praised the initiative and urged her fellow youth to advocate for peaceful conflict resolution.

“Back in Aweil Center, I will share what I learned and encourage others to seek mediation instead of resorting to violence,” she stated.

“We were informed that if a political party feels their space is restricted, they can consult the electoral body. This workshop teaches us to seek solutions constructively,” Garang concluded.

With elections approaching, some critics express concerns about feasibility due to potential pressures on political parties.

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