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Police officer killed in Lakes State

By Yang Ater Yang

A police officer was killed on Thursday in an attack on a police post in Cueibet County, Lakes State.

The victim, identified as Sergeant Major Bol Marual Gum, was stationed at the Malou-pech Payam police post.

According to Lakes State Police Spokesperson Major Elijah Mabor Makuac (in picture above), a group of armed criminals attacked the Cueicok police post at approximately 9:00 am and fatally shot Sergeant Major Bol Marual Gum.

The criminals then fled the scene.

Major Makuac further stated that authorities have identified the suspect as a “notorious criminal” who was previously apprehended and disarmed on February 20th.

However, he was released and reportedly obtained another rifle before carrying out the attack.

“Police are currently pursuing the suspect for arrest and investigation,” confirmed Major Makuac.

Meanwhile in a related news development on Thursday, February 22nd, a man allegedly shot and killed his relative at the Manyang cattle camp in Rumbek Central County, Lakes State, the police said.

“The suspect shot and killed his uncle’s son in the cattle camp before fleeing the scene.” Major Makuac stated.

Authorities suspect the killing may be an act of revenge connected to a previous incident.

“There are allegations that this is related to the accidental killing of the suspect’s brother several years ago,” Major Makuac explained. “The individual responsible for that death is currently imprisoned, and the case was settled through the court system.”

He added that the motive for this latest act of violence remains unclear until the suspect is apprehended and questioned.


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