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Student teachers demand exams, certificates amid delays

By Hou Akot Hou


Teachers Training Institute (TTI) students at Maper Akot Center urge administration to offer final semester exams and issue certificates.

The students express concerns over excessive delay of their studies beyond the expected timeframe.

Grievances of the students stem from a three-year program that has extended to over five years without examination for advancement.

They plead with the national government to intervene, citing a lack of transparency regarding course progress.

“The government needs to address our concerns,” stated Adut Garang, a third-year student at the TTI.

“It’s crucial to complete the semester processes so those eligible can graduate” he added.

Peter Akec, another student, highlighted the impact on their lives, especially for those who left teaching positions to pursue the program.

“Families are suffering due to our prolonged absence,” he lamented. “The economic hardship and lack of income are taking a toll.”

Another student identified only as Ayok, further emphasized the challenges, particularly for married individuals.

“Being away exposes families to additional hardship, including food insecurity and increased vulnerability to illness.”

The students’ teachers appeal directly to National Minister of General Education Awut Deng Achuil, urging intervention and highlighting their program commencement in 2019.

They emphasized the urgency for qualified teachers and liken their situation to the lengthy training period required for medical professionals.

Deputy Principal for the teachers institute administration, Natale Majok Lual acknowledged the difficulties, attributing them to the withdrawal of NGO support.

He however assured that the Ministry of Education is working to release operational funds through the University of Juba, which will facilitate printing and delivery of exams to the institute.

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