Yei-KajoKeji road rehabilitation launched

By James Innocent


Central Equatoria State governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony has inaugurated Yei-Kajo-Keji County Road rehabilitation.

The road serves as a vital link connecting three counties of Yei, Lainya, and Kajo-Keji.

The infrastructure project aims at facilitating seamless trade and movement of citizens while promoting unity and fostering development in the region.

Speaking during the launch, Adil said the construction of the road is a significant step towards peace, unity, and progress within the three counties.

He urged the three commissioners to take charge of ensuring security along the road to enable engineers to complete work within the timeframe.

Adil further called on the local population to cooperate with the engineering team by providing essential local materials like Murram and others required for the project.

He assured the engineering team of government’s commitment to their safety throughout the project duration and beyond its completion within six months.

Yei River County Commissioner, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa called upon the community to take full responsibility of the road construction.

He encouraged them to participate in the development efforts of the country as a whole.

The road rehabilitation will be carried out in collaboration with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS.

Spanning over 140 kilometers, the Yei-Pakula-Kupera-Kajo-Keji road will enhance the livelihoods and resilience of rural communities.

It will improve food security, and contribute to holistic peace and stabilize security in the area.

Head of UNMISS Field Office for Central Equatoria State, Mrs. Njoki Kinyanjui reiterated the mission’s readiness to continue supporting infrastructure development, service delivery, and the pursuit of comprehensive peace and security.

She affirmed the mission’s dedication to collaborating with potential partners beyond UNMISS to align with the state’s strategic focus as outlined in their blueprint.

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