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Does what goes around really come around?

It is true that what goes around comes around. But there are some instances where what goes around does not really come around. There are many stories to tell about this beautiful phrase “What goes around comes around.”

In one of the African countries, a certain soldier had seized power by a coup d’état. Though bloody coups are said to have been plotted, that particular coup was more than bloody. He ordered soldiers to kill anyone breathing. To him, an infant was also a target to kill. Women and elderly people could not even be talked about.

To everyone’s surprise, he apprehended his biological uncle who was in power and executed him by a firing squad. This made other people to run away as fast as their legs could take them. He then announced himself as the Head of the State. He continued legally and illegally killing those whom his security personnel found discussing the coup.

Within a short period of time, the people he drove out of the city united, garnered some strength and plotted a coup d’état against him. By the grace of God, they succeeded in overthrowing him. As if God had wanted to teach people a lesson on “what goes around comes around”.

He was not killed by crossfire but caught alive and brought before the soldier responsible for the coup. The soldier then ordered the armed men to kill him by a firing squad just like he did to his predecessor. He was begging people to give him a minute to pray to God, but one soldier asked him, did you give your biological uncle, I mean your predecessor, a minute to pray to God when you were killing him?

He begged people to pardon him but it was too late. A bullet landed on his head and that was all. What went around came around! What he did to people came back to him the same way he did it, with his being the worst one because it has claimed his dear life.

Would what goes around in South Sudan really come around? Would the “economicball” being played really rebound? If you kick a ball on the wall, it deflects and comes back to where you kick it from, hitting you or missing you by inches. Why can’t economicball deflect and hit one of the economists who is massaging the economy? Is the economicball really inflatable? If it is, then I want it to hit someone.

From hardship to hardship, the citizens of South Sudan have suffered a great deal. Wars have taken a million or so and hunger continues sending people to graves. But when you look at all these tragedies, it looks like they are sponsored. It looks like someone big is too political to borrow a toxic tactic of matching the citizens with hardships so that they forget about questioning the status quo.

This, in turn, gives the incumbents a big room to create excuses in the name of wanting to fix things before they give other people chances to take over. As they pretend to fix things, things even become more deteriorating, forcing people to question their approach.

In the olden days, what used to go around always came around. But today, what goes around does not come around. If, indeed, what goes around comes around, then it is high time for it to come around. It should come around with a bulldozer’s force to crush the people behind this economic hardship.

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