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Citizens urged to embrace Agriculture

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


Commissioner of Yei River County in Central Equatoria State has called on citizens to embrace agriculture and other income-generating activities to strengthen the country’s economy.

Speaking during the second day of the Juba Economic Forum yesterday, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa emphasized the importance of reducing dependence on imported and donated food.

“South Sudan has vast fertile lands, exemplified by Yei River County,” he stated. “By prioritizing agriculture, we can significantly alleviate the economic crisis.”

He encouraged investors to consider Yei’s agricultural potential, highlighting the creation of employment opportunities for the youth.

“I urged all the investors to go to Yei and invest in Agriculture it will also bring employment opportunities to the youths,” he noted.

Additionally, Mr. Kanyikwa urged the government to invest a portion of its oil revenue in the agricultural sector for further economic growth.

He stressed the need for South Sudanese to take ownership of the country’s economic development.

The Yei commissioner lamented the lack of citizen participation in the process.

“Our children study abroad, yet we haven’t fully embraced ownership of our economy. Our citizens remain largely uninvolved in the development process,” he remarked.

He highlighted the multifaceted benefits of agriculture, including food security, employment generation, and economic stability through trade.

Kanyikwa also assured potential investors of the improved security situation in Yei’s villages arguing that many avoid Yei due to unfounded fear of insecurity.

“Many people fear to go to Yei they said Yei is insecure, I want to tell you that we only have thieves, I sleep in Juba for now one year but I haven’t heard gunshots,” he said.

Commissioner Kanyikwa encouraged citizens to accept the responsible use of land resources, a crucial factor in agricultural development.

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