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From a nobody to somebody

Before birth, your father tries all he can to make sure his children have a bright future. He delays marrying your mother just to have enough resources to marry a girl from a reputable family or a girl whose star is already shining.

With a girl from a reputable family, that family can uplift your father to somebody himself and produce children who will become somebodies in future. With a girl whose star is already shining, the luminosity of her star will help your father produce children whose future is predictable. In either of the cases, the resultant ambition is one; wanting to become somebody.

If your father or mother becomes somebody, then your chances of becoming somebody yourself are high. If they fail to become somebodies, then they set their eyes on you to become somebody. Now, you are born and raised up in a way that prepares you to become somebody in future.

Once you reach a stage where you decide and take action by yourself, your parents and their friends just retire from the job of deciding and taking action on your behalf. Then they take up the role of guiding you on your decisions and actions throughout your course of becoming somebody.

When I say “somebody”, I do not mean anybody like a street child, a homeless, unknown gunman, a bank robber or anyone of that kind. The “somebody” I mean means someone like a billionaire, if not a trillionaire, an inventor, a president, a freedom fighter, or any successful person whose personality has an impact on his/her own people and those who are far off.

Running here and there, wanting to win the race of becoming somebody, you will either get discouraged or encouraged. When you listen to discouragement more, you will truly become discouraged and give up on the race. But when you listen to encouragement more with all your attention, you will truly become encouraged and continue chasing becoming somebody.

Remember you become what you mostly want to become! The Bible puts it correctly as “You become what you mostly pray for”. If you have chosen entrepreneurship to ferry you to your dream of becoming somebody, you do not need to only trust yourself, but you also need to trust the process. Then you trust your inspirer (s) to make sure you have a reference to guide you on your way.

Remember to apply the law of Harbert Harris, the author of the 12 Laws of Success, which says your income must always exceed your expenses, and you must also control your emotions and appetites to resist an urge for immediate consumption.

If you have chosen leadership to make you become somebody, you should be like a tick on a cow. Leadership is all about giving yourself a ladder for people to climb up and people giving themselves as a ladder for you to climb up. For you to make it, give yourself a ladder as many times as you have calculated it. By the time you say I’m interested in leading, though elephants sit in your way, you will still become somebody.

God may punish me if I take an example somewhere else. Let me take William Ruto as an example. Who knew William Ruto would become the President of the Republic of Kenya? Already, Kenya was installing a system where the sons and daughters of former leaders would be the ones to take the presidency. If any person comes here, it would be that person who has made a deal with them.

Hailing from the majority, William Ruto kept supporting the potential leaders to ferry him closer to where he would shoot at a close range. When Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of the founding father, contested for the presidency, William Ruto saw the potential in him and joined to support him with all his strength. Uhuru Kenyatta won elections as the President of Kenya and William Ruto became the Deputy President.

The distance between William Ruto and the presidency of Kenya became immeasurable. Then his vision began showing the first leaves, what the botanists call foliage. When the tenure of President Uhuru Kenyatta came to an end, William Ruto declared himself a candidate for the presidency. Raila Odinga, the son of former Deputy President, also declared himself a candidate.

What happened to the odd man, William Ruto, the son of a farmer? The sons of the former leaders united against him but his potential was too big to overwhelm them. What people call “hard work never goes unrewarded” came true. William Ruto won the elections and became the President of the Republic of Kenya.

At his inauguration ceremony, he said, “By the grace of God, the son of a mere farmer has become the President of Kenya”. People clapped their hands for almost three minutes. In my case, I’m still clapping my hands today. He was saying a nobody has become somebody today! With hard work, a nobody becomes a somebody.

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