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Having a Ph. D is one thing, but the system under which a Ph. D holder operates is another

Yes, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) is the highest academic degree conferred by a university or college. Any one who holds a Ph. D is expected to have a high capacity of problem-solving.

If a thread entangles itself and people are called to disentangle it, the approach of a Ph.D holder may stand out. If, indeed, the thread has become too disorganised to untie itself, a Ph.D holder can purchase a new thread, put it in use and protect it from entangling itself.

When a Ph. D holder is chosen to fix a system which has been handled by more than 10 academic mongrels, it would be easier said than done for that system to get fixed. More clearly, a system once managed by a gorilla-minded person cannot be fixed by a theory-minded person. Unless this theory-minded person is given a full authority to afresh the system.

Much more clearly, a system whose instructor fears of holding people accountable cannot be fixed while that instructor is still in power. This is because fixing it pushes the instructor to the periphery. Here, how would the system get fixed? In a system where the money is collected and consumed by individuals, would a Ph.D holder sell his Ph.D and pay workers? If sold, how much is a Ph.D? Even if sold, it would not pay 30 workers.

In a system pulled by corruption and pushed by tribalism, even a prophet with a Ph.D cannot fix it in a year. A system needs time to get fixed. In a system run by hyenas and led by a lion, an antelope must run away as fast as its legs could take it. With a system running upside down, even a Ph.D holder from Harvard University may not repair it unless Jesus Christ volunteers to help him.

In a messed-up system, wanting to be fixed by a Ph.D holder, but some people say they are liberators and that, they must not adhere to the principles of management, the best option for a Ph.D holder is to look for three words in the dictionary and merge them. Such words are re, sig and nation. If merged, they become a very expensive word called “resignation”. This 11-lettered word can redeem one’s image however much it is tarnished.

People think a Ph.D holder can chew metals and swallow a gulp, but this is untrue. There are some things, particularly politicized things, a Ph.D holder cannot dare put a key on them to repair. They are left like that and as they are left like that, they continue messing up the system. So, people should not emphasize much on one’s education and ignore the system under which that educated person operates.

Education is a weapon to change the world, said Nelson Mandela. Education can, indeed, change the world if the world has accepted to change. But if the world is resistant to change, education becomes a bulletless weapon. If an elephant has sat on the path of a Ph.D holder, how can someone who does not “turn water into wine” excuse the elephant to give him a way?

Yes, the ability of a Ph.D holder to solve a problem is always there, but the system under which he operates should not be forgotten. Even 20 Ph.D holders surrounded by a hundred armed mediocres are completely nothing to rectify the system or install a new one. So, people should not leave an animal and shoot at its shadow.

When the system is bad, it can reduce a Ph.D holder to operate like a Senior 4 Leaver. But when the system is good, even primary school dropouts can operate like Ph.D holders. More blames on the system and less blames on Ph.D holders.

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