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IDPs, returnees seek support

By Gladys Fred Kole


Heads of fourteen Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and returnee communities in Juba met with the chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), Mr. Gatwech Peter Kulang to discuss their concerns and request assistance.

The meeting focused on looming challenges faced by the IDPs and returnees, including lack of access to water, proper shelter, food, education, and healthcare.

The IDP and returnees’ representatives also expressed concerns about land grabbing, particularly during the rainy season.

However Mr. Gatwech assured the community leaders that the government is actively working to address their issues.

“What we do is to support you with the little especially education health and water. I am very positive that soon things will move into the right direction” he assured.

He emphasized that the upcoming elections will mark a turning point in the lives of the IDPS.

“The coming election will not get you the way you are right now there will  be no longer IDPs centers but community and resettlement centers, we have 9 months know that your government is doing something that after you will feel this is what we have been waiting for” he sweet talked the IDPs.

Mr. Gatwech acknowledged the complexity of the situation and stressed the importance of collaboration between the RRC, line ministries, and UN agencies.

“There lots of challenges and they can’t be done by one institution, the line ministries who are related to the IDPs, returnees and other needs are working together we are doing consultations” he noted

The RRC boss highlighted plans to visit the camps in March to assess the situation on the ground, facilitate transportation for those willing to return to their original places of origin and address land grabbing issues through communication and collaboration with local authorities.

Gatwech stressed the importance of helping communities return to their areas of origin and rebuild their lives.

“I met with UN agencies they are willing to transport those who want to go to their original places this is a very positive part it needs a little bit of organization” he noted.

The IDPs’ secretary, Mr. Joseph Majur, expressed immediate concerns regarding a lack of basic necessities and land grabbing, further exacerbated by the current economic situation.

“There are a lot of land grabbing groups even the host community is not happy, the land grabbers go and buy the land at 250,000ssp and you see these IDPs are vulnerable they can’t even easily afford SSP10,000,” he said.

He emphasized the unity and resilience of the IDPs and requested urgent government intervention and support from NGOs.

“We really need food and support such that we stay and support our government, please talk to the NGOs to help us with that” Majur pleaded with the government.

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