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Over 300 Returnees arrive in Aweil East

By Hou Akot Hou


Aweil East County commissioner Kharbino Thiep Tong reported on Tuesday the arrival of 17 buses carrying over 340 returnees from Sudan.

Speaking at a funeral ceremony in Madhol Payam, Thiep Tong stated that the returnees are currently residing in makeshift shelters in Rumaker, a border town with Sudan.

He has dispatched a team to verify the exact number of returnees residing in the area.

“I received confirmation that 17 buses arrived in Rumaker with over 340 returnees from Sudan,” said Thiep Tong. “These individuals join the hundreds of returnees I visited in Rumaker last month.”

The Commissioner urged the host community, particularly the chiefs, to offer support to the returnees.

“Even if faced with limited resources, I implore you to share whatever you can with the returnees who are most in need,” he stated.

Thiep Tong emphasized the dire situation of many returnees and called for increased efforts from the host community, especially the chiefs, to facilitate their integration.

He further clarified the government’s intention to eventually relocate the returnees to their original homes.

Bishop Joseph Mamer Manot of Wanyok Diocese echoed the call for support.

He recounted his visits to returnees in border towns, witnessing their difficult living conditions.

“I urge you, the chiefs, to consider these people in all aspects of your work,” Bishop Manot pleaded. “Share what you can and refrain from registering them as they lack the means to earn a living.”

He concluded by highlighting the efforts of church communities to assist the returnees fleeing the conflict in Sudan.

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