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Angelina aims at continued police reforms

By Gladys Fred Kole


Minister of Interior, Angelina Teny, expressed confidence in South Sudan’s progress and its commitment to ensuring continued peace and citizen safety.

Speaking at the police graduation ceremony on Thursday in Juba, Teny highlighted that there has been progress made so far especially in the police force.

“We have moved on and we are going to continue the cause of peace and ensuring the safety of our citizens,” she said, anticipating a “major difference” in the next three years if the current trajectory continues.

The Minister underlined the importance of ongoing training and transformation within the organized forces stating that this is very important because it’s an indication of the fact that our country has moved on.

The Interior Minister announced plans to receive new cadets as part of the unified forces, following the completion of phase two of the unification process.

“We will receive cadets, graduate cadets, and exit the old people in the unified forces to serve the country in other capacities utilizing their experience,” she explained.

Minister Teny assured the public of the ongoing training efforts, stating, that there are already a lot of trainings going on.

“You can be rest assured that the police will be taking care of you to ensure your safety” she promised.

She further acknowledged the sacrifice made by the graduating cadets.

“They are those who have made a sacrifice when the peace agreement was signed in chapter 2 of the agreement that said there’s no training outside the unification process but they were already cadets in the police college so the sacrifice they made was for peace,” Teny stated.

She commended the police for prioritizing peace and contributing to a safer future for South Sudan.

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