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During hunger, it is a man who cooks

One time when hunger had struck people, a man struggled to buy two sacks of flour. He gave one to his first wife and another to his second wife. From nowhere, visitors found themselves in his second wife’s house.

For three consecutive days, they were served with posho and a delicious sauce of dry fish. When they left, the sack of flour was already standing on weak feet. Five days later, the flour was finished and the wife asked for another one. The man bought it for her.

When the first wife heard of it, she also asked for a sack of flour, citing that everything must be bought in pairs. But her sack of flour had not yet finished. To worsen the matter, this woman started giving away the flour to neighbours to make sure it got finished so that a new one could be bought for her. She made it a big problem that she attacked her husband for three days.

The turmoil spread to a quarter of the village and the man started receiving provocative words. With hunger, anger, stress and foolishness, the man decided to commit suicide and he did it without thinking twice. In the morning, he was seen suspending on the tree in his home compound. Just like that!

To avoid such a tragedy during hunger, regulate your kitchen. If, indeed, you cannot cook, give the necessary instructions to regulate it. But with modernity, it is normal for a man to cook. Now, there are even a few civilized houses where a duty roster for cooking is prepared and hung on the wall. A wife cooks today and a husband cooks tomorrow, and life goes on normally.

Cooking no longer castrates a man nor does it anger the traditions to decree a punishment. With traditions, it is an abomination, a very big one, for a man to cook. There is a taboo that when a man cooks, something bad can happen to people, especially children, at home. But the truth is that a man does not know how to cook.

A man cooks only when he has gone to toch and settled there for some time. He cooks fish and cooking it is simple. It does not need onions, cooking oil, royco, or any additives. It only needs salt and the whole lot becomes delicious. A man also cooks when he has gone hunting, but that thing is more of smoking.

To date, some men grow old and die without having cooked even for a day. This is what traditions have put forward for men to follow. However, when hunger has struck so much, a man cooks by giving all the instructions and close supervision to his wife at home. In hunger, food becomes scarce. People travel to distant places to fetch food. These people who fetch food are men.

A woman sleeps in a room with her husband, but in the morning, she asks a man to give her money for food as if the man has sneaked out at night to look for money. So, putting food on a table mostly becomes the sole responsibility of a man. In such a situation, if a man does not regulate his wife in the kitchen, hunger may uproot him and his children.

Not all women can be regulated anyway, but there are those women who rejoice when they see their husbands on their knees. Such women need a thorough supervision to make sure they do not finish food in just a day.

In such a situation where the economy deteriorates on a daily basis, the number of meals, quantity of flour, and other additives that make up the whole stuff should be reduced. However, there are things to cut out completely until then when the economy improves. Furthermore, people should switch to cheaper food. If food, such as rice and beans were not on your list, it is time you should include them in your list.

If you used to have three meals per day, it is time you should reduce them to two. If you used to buy two sacks of 50 kg flour and finish it in one month, it is time you should reduce it to one in a month. If you used to eat with a bowl, it is time you should eat with a spoon. Life is hard. Who do you think can regulate all this? It is you as a man at home. During hunger, men are the ones who cook.

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