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Girls implored to break barriers in oil sector

By Gladys Fred Kole


Deputy Managing Director of Nile Petroleum Company (NilePet) Martha Nyamal Choat has encouraged girls to pursue a career in oil and gas sector, a field dominated by men.

Speaking at the launch of Nile Petroleum’s headquarters on Saturday, Nyamal stated that NilePet is committed to ensuring women’s inclusion in the oil sector.

“We are going to work hand in hand with the Managing Director to make sure that women are well represented and included in the oil and gas sector,” she hinted.

She particularly encouraged girls to pursue careers in the oil and gas sector.

“South Sudan is an oil-producing country. Don’t fear to do your petroleum engineering. Go to school. We want girls to come up. We need to inspire them,” she encouraged ladies.

The Deputy Managing Director further emphasized the importance of peace in South Sudan.

“South Sudan is a country where we should never lose hope,” she said.

“We need peace to build our nation, and I encourage everyone to contribute to a peaceful environment.”

Nyamal acknowledged the crucial role of youth in nation-building saying without youths, there’s no country.

“Start with yourselves,” she advised the youth. “Look at yourselves first and see how you can contribute to the development of this country.”

She further encouraged young people to embrace agriculture.

“Look at your backyard. We are approaching the rainy season. Let’s cultivate and bring food to the table. Let’s not wait for others to provide for us. Stand tall, youths, and do something,” she urged.

The Nielpet deputy Managing Director underscored the need for collective action for nation-building.

“Don’t expect South Sudan to be built in one day. We go stage by stage. Let’s put our hands together to build this beautiful nation. Trust me, all of us will have food on our table at the end of the day,” she expressed.

Choat concluded her remarks at the event by urging everyone to take ownership of the country’s development.

“Food is just at the table. Open your eyes and see it. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for us. Stand tall, for this country needs us all,” she stated.


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