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2024; the election year

By Steady Ayuen


2024 is not just an election year but the election year according to the reports made by international experts. 

Around the world, more voters than ever in history will head to the polls as at least 64 countries including the United States plus European Union representing a combined population of about 49% of the people in the world—are meant to hold national elections. According to the statement by Staffan Lindberg the Director of the Varieties Of Democracy, that “2024 may be the make-or-break year for democracy in the world,” there is no guarantee for the world democracy since elections in some countries are likely not to be free and fair. Experts at Peace Research Institute Oslo observed and made a remark on this statement “2024 is seen as the make-or-break year for democracy” asking about the potential for mass mobilization to bend these elections toward more democratic outcomes.

The United States Presidential Elections is set to kick off on Tuesday, November 5, 2024. In addition, Majority in Bangladesh is expected to re-elect 76-year-old Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina—the country’s longest-serving leader and the world’s longest-serving female head of government—who has cracked down on her political opponents.

In Taiwan, for example, who becomes the next president will fundamentally shape Beijing’s approach to the self-governed island as described by Time. This year requires economic strength in order to reduce the rate of starvation in countries that depend on export trades and non-food products. Based on the estimation, 43 countries are expected to hold free and fair elections in this electoral megacycle however 28 do not actually meet the essential conditions for a democratic vote, according to the Democracy Index from the Economist’s Intelligence Unit. These countries are ones that are still struggling to improve in the areas of freedom, respect for human rights and economic decline or bankruptcy. Additionally in sub-Saharan Africa, 13 countries will hold elections in 2024, including the polls in Senegal, South Africa, Chad, Ghana and South Sudan of which some are not yet confirmed.

The writer is an Author, Activist and Executive Director of  Peacepedia


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