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Call on women leaders to inspire others

By Gladys Fred Kole


Women in leadership positions should excel in their roles to inspire others to participate in politics and leadership.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Mary Nawai made the called in Juba, on Monday, during a launch of International Women’s Day celebrations.

“If you’re not making any change in your positions, other women will not be motivated to participate in politics or leadership,” Nawai emphasized.

She highlighted the need to challenge societal perceptions and empower women

“As women and men, it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone understands the value women bring to society. Let us be ambassadors for this understanding” she echoed.

Nawai addressed the limiting beliefs of some women, stating, that “Even some women say, ‘I am just a woman, I can’t participate in politics,”

“A woman is the first teacher a child has” she underscored.

She encouraged women at all levels to advocate for change in societal perceptions of women saying once women and men recognize the importance of gender balance, change will occur at different levels in the country.

Nawai also emphasized the link between gender equality and national development.

“When we promote gender equality in South Sudan, we are promoting development. As we prepare for elections, I urge all women not to see yourselves only as voters. You have the full right to participate, campaign, and contest for different positions. This is where leadership decisions are made for our nation” she stated.

The Parliamentary Affairs Minister further encouraged women to participate in the upcoming elections actively.

“Join a political party, find space to contest, and raise your voice on issues like peace, education, and early marriage – all crucial to the nation,” Nawai urges fellow women.

For his part, Joseph Loro German, Acting Undersecretary at the National Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, emphasized the importance of awareness creation.

“When both women and men know their roles and understand gender equality, the game will change for the better. Awareness is very important” he noted.

The International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024 theme is “Accelerate Gender Equality through Inclusion and Access to Productive Resources for Women and Girls.”

This year’s celebrations will be held in Mundri West County, Western Equatoria.

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