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Dinka Malual, Rezigat Pastoralists review peace pact

By Hou Akot Hou


Dinka Malual and Rezigat pastoralists of South Darfur have converged in Aweil West on Monday for a two-day annual peace pact review meeting, conducted in Aweil West count County of Northern Bahr El Gazal state.

This is meant to address grievances or prejudices that might have arisen during the period that the nomads have not made it to South Sudan through the Kiir River for grazing.

The border peace committee asserts that the comprehensive peace pact they have signed has to be reviewed as seasonal migration occurs with a mixture of good and bad incidents.

Secretary General of Dinka Malual border peace committee, Majok Deng Akuachdit noted that the two parties must be committed to implement the peace agreement they reviewed.

“The meeting sponsored by UNDP and the state government in order to check some of the imbalances that any community, be it Dinka or Rezigat might have committed” he said.

Deg said they will work around the clock to ensure that the peace agreements that they have signed is abided by so that the communities have to enhance measures of better relations.

Chief Deng Akot, said that the conflict resolutions include blood compensation which is paid instead of 31 cows when any member of the community, be it Dinka or Rezigat murders a person.

He said special attention is being paid for both communities to correlate and work cordially to stay in peace along the border lines.

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