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Refugees urge parties to resolve differences peacefully

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


Refugee leaders are urging the parties in South Sudan to engage in peaceful dialogue to resolve their differences.

This appeal comes in response to a statement by the main armed opposition leader, Dr. Riak Machar, who proposed a two-year extension of the agreement.

Duku Morris, a refugee in the Palorinya refugee settlement in Uganda’s West Nile region, stresses the need for the warring parties to reconcile before April to ensure a conducive environment for a free and fair election.

He expresses concern that the opposition leader’s appeal for an extension undermines the progress and stability of their country.

“Honestly we have been waiting for the election and a leading opposition leader is appealing for an extension which is unfair for the betterment of our country,’’ he said.

“We are worried as refugees and we cannot say the two leaders will not take us back to war because they are not agreeing on anything concerning the election,’’ he added.

Jane Koma, a prominent female leader in Palorinya, believes that peaceful dialogue is vital for determining the future of South Sudan.

She said the leaders must come together to agree on a path forward for the benefit of the citizens.

“How can we believe our leaders that we are living in a peaceful environment because they are not having the same agenda,” she said.

“Professional Dialogue especially for our leaders provides an effective and at times profound way of talking and thinking together as one people,” she added.

Last month, Nicholas Haysom, the Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, warned about the ongoing intercommunal conflicts, cautioning that they could undermine the possibility of holding peaceful elections in December.

Haysom urged the government to swiftly finalize and implement transitional security arrangements to address this issue.

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