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Over 300 benefit from free eye surgery

By Yien Gattour Mead


A total of 397 cataract patients in Mayom County, Unity State, have successfully undergone free eye surgeries funded by Samaritan’s Purse (SP).

The eye operations campaign began on February 22 and ended on Friday last week.

Organized by the County Health Director (CHD) in collaboration with the local authority, the campaign aimed to provide assistance to visually impaired individuals in Mayom County and other areas in Greater Bul.

Luka Chierey Kuich, the Commissioner of Mayom County, confirmed the successful conclusion of the campaign, stating that 397 patients from various payams in Mayom County received treatment.

While the surgeries have brought relief to many, there is still a waiting list of over 397 patients who are scheduled to undergo surgery in March 2024.

Nyabol Chuol Kai, an elderly woman who had the operation, expressed her gratitude, saying, “I can now see some people and their movements. I wish to regain effective sight. I am currently seeing your hand, observing its movement, and recognizing that person. I am hopeful that my vision will fully return after the wetness dries in my eyes.”

The surgeries have been life-changing for many patients who have suffered from vision impairment for years.

Nyibol shared that she had been unable to see anything for five years and had always relied on someone else to accompany them outside.

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