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Police arrests gang members in Rumbek

By Yang Ater Yang


Police in Lakes State capital Rumbek have arrested several individuals following gang violence in the town, Major Elijah Mabor Makuac, the state police spokesperson confirmed.

He explained that on March 3rd, a young man was attacked with a panga (machete) in the town market.

“Police apprehended one of the attackers and took him to Rumbek Central Police Station for investigation, the victim was also taken to Rumbek Hospital for treatment” Makuac stated

Makuac further reported that another fight broke out on Monday between two rival gangs known as “No Apology” and “Mifia.”

The police spokesperson said the two groups clashed in Rumbek Town, resulting in eight individuals sustaining panga wounds.

“Police and other security personnel intervened, bringing the situation under control and apprehending some individuals involved. One person was arrested on the spot, while the eight injured individuals were transferred to Rumbek State Hospital for treatment” Makuac said.

He specified that four individuals from each gang were hospitalized.

Makuac described the groups as “notorious” and a threat to the town’s security.

“The police are actively investigating the incident and will identify and apprehend all individuals involved,” Makuac affirmed. “We are starting with those initially arrested and investigated, as their information will be crucial in identifying and apprehending the remaining members.”

Maj. Makuac emphasized the size of the gangs, stating, these are not small groups.

“We want to identify all their members, and once identified, they will be apprehended and brought to justice” the police spokesperson echoed.

Makuac urged every parents to take responsibility for their children.

“Advise them to stay away from criminal activities. If necessary, report your child to the authorities if they are involved in such acts. This is not the way, and parents need to take proper care of their sons” he advised.


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