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Union urges women to amplify their voices

By Gladys Fred Kole


On the eve of International Women’s Day, the Central Equatoria Women’s Union (CEWU) is spearheading an awareness campaign urging women to courageously share their struggles and demand their rights.

Scheduled for March 7th, the event aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by women in the country.

Sarah Michael, the Secretary General of CEWU, stressed the significance of women claiming their rights and having their voices heard.

“It’s time for our voices to be heard,” Michael said. “We, the women of South Sudan, are tired. Our mothers suffered, and now we are tired. Our children will suffer too, if we don’t act.”

Addressing President Kiir directly, Mrs. Michael pleaded with him to acknowledge the pain and suffering faced by South Sudanese women.

“Mr. President, we need you to see the pain and suffering of South Sudanese women. We are tired in our homes and communities,” she urged.

“When we invite you to events like this, you give excuses of being busy. But elections are coming soon. Please see us before the elections. Women in the markets are especially struggling, unsure if their children will have food” she expressed.

She emphasized the rising cost of water, which has made accessing clean drinking water a challenge for many families.

For her part, Cicilia Laku Wani, the Deputy Chairperson of CEWU, offered words of encouragement to women, acknowledging the economic crisis but urge them to stay strong.

“We know the economic crisis is hard, but we must be strong. Let our men see that we are not just women, but strong women. We will find ways to get by, even if it means eating simple meals. Let’s prioritize our children’s education and well-being,” she encouraged her fellows.

Veronica Juan, the speaker of CEWU, called on men to respect women.

She underscored the role of men in taking care of the children, allowing women to participate fully and gain knowledge.

Magret Apollo Sokiri, the Chairperson of CEWU, elaborated on the purpose of the event, which aims to celebrate women’s achievements and empower them to assert their rights.

“We will celebrate the achievements of women and empower them to claim their rights. Coming together in large numbers sends a powerful message. It shows that we are aware of our rights and willing to advocate for ourselves” she said.

She urged women at all levels to unite and address the issues they face.

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