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Court jails 13 for land grabbing

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


At least thirteen individuals, including SSPDF officers, have been sentenced to two months in prison and fined 250,000 SSP each for land grabbing and malicious damage.

The convicts were among forty-five people arrested last week, at Jebel Lado, Juba County.

Local Government Administrative officer at Ladu Payam, Ladu Setimo told this outlet that the thirteen individuals were sentenced at Gudele Two court, in Juba City.

Meanwhile, twenty-two other land grabbers were fined 100,000 SSP each and will be released after payment.

However, speaking to No.1 Citizen Newspaper, dissatisfied Ladu protests the ruling, saying two months’ prison sentence was too lenient for the offence.

According to Ladu, a longer prison sentence, without the option of paying a fine, would be more appropriate.

“These people have been disturbing us in Jebel Lado and according to me the judgement is too small, I want them to stay like years in prison even without paying fine,’’ he added.

Ladu expressed concerns that the fined land grabbers might seek revenge upon their release, causing fear among the community.

He urged the security organs and the state government to continue addressing the community’s grievances.

Last week, Franko Hussain Joseph, the chief of Molubo boma in Ladu Payam, appreciated the quick action taken by the security organs and the state government.

He thanked them for ensuring justice for the community. Joseph also revealed that his own properties were destroyed by the land grabbers when they intruded into his home last week.

The issue of land grabbing has been a persistent problem, despite previous attempts by the government to address it.

In 2021, President Salva Kiir Mayardit formed a 12-member committee to investigate the widespread issue of land grabbing around Juba City.



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