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Female politicians urged to mentor young generation

By Kidega Livingstone and Gladys Fred Kole


Female politicians are urged to groom young girls at grassroots level and encourage their participation in leadership.

Executive Director of South Sudanese Network for Democracy, Sarah Said made the call during an interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, on Thursday.

She said grooming young girls increases the number of women in leadership positions at all levels.

Sarah stressed that women need to come forward to fight for political seats and join the various parties in preparation for upcoming elections.

The activist expressed the need for women to not only be voters but also contestants for political positions.

“We are moving toward the election; we wanted to see all societies make sure that their ladies and women come out to fight for political seats, and they should join the political parties to make it easy for them to fight for these seats,” she told this outlet yesterday.

According to Sarah, a percentage of positions in political parties and geographical constituencies are reserved for women, they should therefore seize the opportunity.

She called upon the Ministry of Gender and United Nations agencies to develop programs that educate and empower women across the country, emphasizing that women have inherent rights that need to be upheld.

“We want to see women leaders in a political seat and those who liberated the nation come out because what a man can do, a woman can do better. We need to create awareness among women to make sure that they can act like men in any positions provided, he said.

She stated that women are capable of performing at the same level as men and need to be empowered to participate in agricultural activities, thus advancing the country.

Meanwhile Secretary General of the Central Equatoria Women’s Union, Sarah Micheal advises women in leadership positions to avoid making false promises as elections loom.

“You need to see us who are down here we are the ones who took you up there, all women gave their voices that’s why you got that position. So now that you’re up there look back also to see what is happening around you,” Sarah said.

Mrs. Sarah stated that women often forget their origins once they attain positions of power.

With elections approaching, she warned that the electorate is becoming more discerning and will demand tangible results rather than empty promises.

“Elections are coming, you are coming to campaign for votes by making promises of doing something after being voted by the voters. Let me tell you, we don’t want promises a tall, we are now fully aware this time we are going to see physically who you are and who we shall vote.”

Women, she said, have learned to recognize such tactics and will unite to fight against false promises.

the Minister of Parliamentarian Affairs Mary Nawai had earlier encouraged aspiring female candidates to maintain close ties with their communities and actively participate in community gatherings.


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