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Over 100 trucks of Subsidized food en route Juba

By Bida Elly David


Government in partnership with Prosperity Limited Company, announces over one hundred trucks of assorted food items on transit to Juba to alleviate ongoing economic crisis.

The joint initiative aims at ensuring essential commodities are available to citizens at subsidized prices.

First undersecretary at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Kuol Daniel Ayulo said on Wednesday that the food items would be sold at lower prices for the benefit of the citizens.

He said, there will be a total distinction between the price the government will impose during sales to that of one of the traders in the market.

“Among the assorted food items, a 50 kg bag of Maize floor is sold at 30,000 SSP compared to the market prices of 55,000 SSP or more,’’ he said

Mr. Daniel further mentioned that designated selling points had already been established across Juba for the convenience of consumers.

Prosperity Limited opened six additional food stores in areas such as Hai Referendum, Konyo Konyo, New Site, Jebel Dinka, Munuki, and Sherkat.

“The initiative will serve as a short- and long-term solution to curb high prices of goods in the market, especially the essential goods and will extend to the states of South Sudan in coming weeks,’’ Daniel added.

The new shops were on Thursday officiated by the first Undersecretary of Trade and Industry with some bags of flour piled ready for sell.

According to the undersecretary, Prosperity Limited company will be responsible in exhibiting the commercial initiative as while the trucks are still underway.

Kuol on the other hand also encouraged the citizens to engage in producing agricultural products as a way of fighting food insecurity.

For his part, Mr Akoc Akuei Manhiem – Managing Director of Prosperity Limited said the 100 trucks of the imported assorted food items will soon arrive in Juba but failed to clarify their current location.

“At least 100 trucks are on the way bringing in assorted food items into the Country, the company in collaboration with the Government have put in place measures restricting the purchase of these subsidized food items from the traders for re-selling,’’ he added.

As the Country awaits the imported commodities, there are already bags of flour ready in the branches established by the company, meaning from now on-wards citizens are free to make purchases.

The economic cluster early this week resolved to procure assorted food items aimed at curbing the on-going inflation and economic disaster facing South Sudan.




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