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Lakes State pledges to implement 35% women quota

By Yang Ater


Lakes State Government has assured women of 35 per cent positions in all institutions would be reserved for women to ensure their representation.

Speaking during the celebration of International Women’s Day on Friday, the state governor, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor highlighted the role women play in the society.

He encouraged women to take active part in upcoming December 2024 elections, saying President Salva Kiir Mayardit will be a candidate for the presidency.

Recognizing the endless efforts women put into society, Governor Rin  acknowledged that he owes his existence and upbringing to a woman.

He then drew attention to the women who fought alongside men during the liberation struggle, mentioning the names of Ager Gum and others who continue to serve in various capacities, such as the army, wildlife, and fire brigade.

The Governor announced that the state government had passed laws prohibiting forced and early child marriages.

Madam Alek Malaak Atem, the gender advisor in Lakes State, explained that the theme of the International Women’s Day celebration in Lakes State was “Accelerating Gender Equality through Inclusion and Access to Productive Resources for Women and Girls.”

She highlighted recent achievements, such as the graduation of women and youth in the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports, which has led to diverse business and income-generating activities.

She expressed optimism for future progress.

Agum Joseph Kuch, the chairperson of the Women’s Association in Lakes State, expressed her joy over the accomplishments of women in recent years.

She mentioned the establishment of women’s centres in various counties, where women engage in activities such as farming and small businesses.

However, she also highlighted challenges, including the lack of access to loans for women in the market and the need for water boreholes in women’s centres.

Angelina Adhel Malual, a representative of a civil society organization, emphasized the role of civil society as a bridge between the government and the community.

She applauded the cooperation between the government and political parties in Lakes State and urged women to be aware of their rights before claiming them.

Jigbril Allin Turay, the UNMISS representative in Lakes State, reflected on the progress made in women’s empowerment, especially in political, social, and economic spheres.

He emphasized that economic and political empowerment for women and girls is a right, not a privilege.

Turay acknowledged the efforts made by the State government to protect women and girls through legislation and increased awareness.

However, he also acknowledged the need for further action to address issues such as forced marriages, rape cases, and women’s suicides.


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