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Four police officers under arrest over negligence

By Yang Ater Yang


Four police officers have been arrested in connection to escape of four suspects from custody at Lakes state, Rumbek Central Police station.

The escape of the suspects on 7th of this month, has been attributed to negligence of officer at the central police station, on duty that day.

Lakes State Police Spokesperson, Mabor Makuac explained that police authority has taken action to apprehend officers who were on duty during the incident in order to establish facts of the matter.

He said that an investigation board is set up to probe the incident.

“We instructed our security apparatus to follow the suspects that escaped from police custody,” he added.

Makuac declined to reveal identities of the escapees but only said they were detained on various charges.

“There are several of them, precisely four, each of whom is implicated in different sections of the law. Unfortunately, I don’t have their names at the moment, as their records are still at the police station,” he commented.

Makuac said two police officers were arrested on the same day while additional two have also been apprehended.

“Now we have four 4 police personnel under arrest and the investigation will take place,” he said


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