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Measles kills two in Ruweng

By Yien Gatour Mead


Two measles-related death cases have been reported in Abiemnom County, Ruweng Administrative Area in South Sudan

According to Ruweng Administrative Area ministry of health, the two death cases occurred last week.

A spate of measles cases has been reported among returnees and refugees who fled Sudan conflict and live under dire humanitarian conditions in South Sudan.

Ruweng Administrative Area ministry of health, last week, declared measles outbreak at Abiemnom where 96 cases were identified in the first phase.

Office of health ministry and aid agencies have recorded up to 103 measles cases across Abiemnom county.

Abiemnom County has recorded cases of the disease, reportedly, due to influx of returnees from Sudan since April.

Director General of Ministry of Health, Elijah Wal Chol said the government and partners will conduct mass vaccination campaigns to control spread of the disease.

“We use a case definition; whoever fits into the definition is listed as a case. The numbers I am giving are line-listed; they are confirmed cases of laboratory tests. There are over 100 cases listed,” Wal explained.

Meanwhile, Abiemnom County health director, Mr. Simon Mayol said health workers are working with aid agencies to vaccinate children against the disease.

“We are not doing vaccination among the returnees and residents. And this will affect us in controlling the outbreak,” he said.

The county health director believes that when there is intervention, these cases will not go down because there is no vaccination for measles.

“To me, this is very bad when it comes to failure to control the outbreak. Yes, it is increasing on a daily basis, we communicate to Ruweng health ministry to support the affected children that were in a condition of measles,” he said.




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