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Prof. Akec shaped the future of the University of Juba

By Steady Ayuen


This truth must be told for generations to acknowledge despite the saying that ” a man is only praised after his death”

There is no doubt that Akec is a committed, dedicated and passionate leader who deserves a round of applause for his hard work from 2014 to date.  The University Of Juba is among the Prestigious Universities in East and Sub-Saharan Africa because of the stones he turned into bread. Prof. Akec didn’t work for his personal gain yet some parents and students are still whining over fee increments up to date, I doubtfully believe isn’t worth his patriotism and vision for a better future. Prof. Akec envisioned a day when the University of Juba is not just a building but the Centre for relevance and Excellence.

From newly bush to a home of ministers and young leaders, the University Of Juba was modified. After the renovation of administration blocks, modification of classrooms, 30 lectures and seminar rooms and other structures both at the main and custom campus which was accomplished in four consecutive years and cost nearly 1.3 million US dollars according to media reports. The birds, rats, and bats had no other chance to stay in lecture rooms but to roam over in search of a new home because UoJ couldn’t accommodate them anymore.

The appointment of Akec Apuruot as the Vice-Chancellor wasn’t an error, the University has risen from a public beehive to a nation-owned institution due to the policies and plans that he had initiated with his administration which includes the modified payment of the tuition fees into the University’s bank account to stop corrupt officials from turning the public university’s money into their own bank accounts.

With the appointment of John Akec, the mere problems and challenges that could block the future of Uoj were stopped and a new path was created right away from 2014. As a concerned citizen who had followed up the journey of this prestigious university during the last few years under Akec’s leadership, I was able to acknowledge the steps of its growth.

I met Prof. Akec on July 25 during the commemorative event marking the 10th anniversary of the American Corner, a U.S.-funded space at the University of Juba that aim at promoting American cultures. During this event, he questioned the rationale of the U.S Government not providing more development aid and called for greater international investment in South Sudan. Akec works closely with government to create a shared future for both students and educators and to increase the literacy rate through advancement of quality education.

Regardless of the fact that a few people are as genuine and hardworking as Prof.Akec, the University of Juba will always remember the energies he devoted to improve its capacity, the stones he turned and the light he shaded to clear its path to the world of prestigious universities in the world. Now it’s one of the 330 out of 1104 universities in Africa clearing a path for African students to have a modernized quality education as of February 2024 according to report by edurank.org

Even though there is much to be done, I had been convinced to believe that Akec’s journey with students was fascinating and a life changing one. Prof. Robert Mayom, who is the new Vice-Chancellor and a successor will start from where he stopped.

I wish you a future filled with success and hard work, go shine Prof.Kec you have shaped the future of UoJ

The writer is the Executive Director of Peacepedia

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