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NBS’ new chief takes office

By William Madouk


A serene evening of March 10, 2024, witnessed another change of guard at the helm of South Sudan National Bureau of Standards (SSNBS) as President, Salva Kiir Mayardit waved his mini axe.

This time, Dr. Kuorwel Kuai Kuorwel, who combined chairperson of SSNBS Council and executive roles, lost grip to Ms. Gloria Nyoka Joseph, the new executive director of the bureau.

Speaking at the handover event, Minister of Trade & Industry, William Anyuon urged Nyoka to work in a team spirit as well as ensure that the Bureau of Standards is extended to states.

“We need to make sure we extend the work of the Bureau of Standards to the states and three administrative areas, said Anyuon, during the welcoming ceremony.

He explained that due to the nonexistence of bureau offices in some states, unscrupulous traders sneak in unfit foodstuff to those states and administrative areas.

Mr. Anyuon warned of malpractices and appealed to the newly appointed executive director to live up to expectations and fit well in Dr. Kurowel’s shoes as she executes her mandate.

From his part, the newly appointed executive for the SSNBS, Ms. Gloria Nyoka promised to do her duties as law required.

“I had always thought of serving my country in a good representing way to all the nation around us and this is why I had never denied my belonging to be a South Sudanese,” said Nyoka.

She added that a lot would be expected from her by staff, the community, business people and the country at large, however, Ms. Nyoka assured to never bow but abide by the laws

“let me say; the truth in front of my God and you – I am not going to give more than what the law had allowed me to do and give,” Nyoka noted.

Ms. Nyoka assured the Bureau of Standard staff that she was not going to make ‘life difficult’ nor ‘different’ for them but would build on what her predecessors had already laid for the betterment of the institution.

She appealed to stakeholders to put hands together and place the country on a regional and global map.

Nyoka appreciated the president and minister of trade and industry, adding “Minister Hon. William Anyuon, I know it is a long way for us to work together and I will always knock your door for help to SSNBS move ahead.”

Meanwhile, the chairperson of the SSNBS council, Dr. Kuorwel Kuai Kuorwel appreciated the president for entrusting him and Nyoka with responsibilities to run noble institution that is central to the lives of the people.

Dr. Kuorwel, who explained roles stated that Ms. Nyoka would run the day-to-day activities of the Bureau of Standard meanwhile the role of the SSNBS council is to chart and enforce policy.

“So, Hon. Gloria, as of Friday, you are fully in charge of the activities of the Bureau of Standards when it comes to administrative and enforcement of the Standards Act,” he said.

“My role with the Council, we are the governing body – that means the policy of the Bureau and what the Bureau is doing on a daily basis is to be supervised by us,” Kuorwel added.

According to him, the Bureau of Standards’s decision for the last few years used to be taken by Ministry of Trade and Industry and this has to stop since the Bureau of the Standard Council is formed.

“The Council is now going to be helping Gloria to make sure that they take the decision,” he noted.

“So, in case I want to ask the Minister to take our policy to the next level, then the Council will be in a position now to inform the Minister,”

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