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Man loses ear, eight cattle to assailants

By Yang Ater


A man lost his ear and 8 herds of cattle to raiders in a cruel attack in Cueibet County, Lakes State.

According to Lakes State Police spokesperson Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac, the attackers chopped off the man’s ear before parting with his eight animals.

The incident occurred at Gok Machar area when the cattle were being transported from Tonj in Warrap state to Lakes state’s Rumbek town.

The police spokesperson revealed that the suspects are believed to be from Tonj South County, in Warrap State.

The victim, whose ears were severed, has been evacuated to Cueibet County Hospital for medical treatment.

Maj. Makuac expressed the urgent need for a different approach to address the escalating criminal activities along the border of Warrap and Lakes State, as well as Lakes State’s border with Unity State.

“In fact it is very challenging and I think this triangle we need a different mechanism such that to calm down all these criminal activities that took place along the border of Warrap with Lakes, and Lakes State with unity state,” he said.

He suggested the establishment of joint forces and outpost forces along the borders to enhance security.

He said there is a need to increase the presence of security forces along major highways leading to Greater Bahr el Ghazal and Unity State, to enable the swift detection and apprehension of offenders who might attempt to disrupt the safety of road users.

“This is the only solution that can bring peace within this root or exit.”

The police spokesperson also proposed convening a conference involving the respective governments to discuss and implement resolutions aimed at enhancing security maintenance in the area.


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