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Morobo starts issuing Nationality IDs

By Gladys Fred Kole


Morobo County has launched issuance of nationality identity cards to citizens.

According to the county commissioner, Joseph Mawa, the program targeted 530 individuals but with plans to extend registration process.

The registration process, which includes obtaining birth certificates and identification documents, began on Wednesday 13th March, morning.

“We distribute to the five Payams 80 each. This exercise will take place depending on the number of people which is 530 if it’s completed then returned to Juba for procession,” Mawa stated.

As the process progresses smoothly, the commissioner acknowledges challenges citizens face, to travel from distant Payams to the registration center.

Commissioner Mawa expressed appreciation for Central Equatoria State government for bringing the opportunity closer to the people, allowing them to access services that were previously only available in Juba.

“That is really commendable because all these years the nationality process is done only in Juba and people had no access to reach because of financial constraints and security concerns. With these reasons most people here didn’t have a nationality and now is the right time for them to get nationality, passports and full citizenship rights,” Commissioner Mawa stated.

The launch of the nationality program in Morobo County is a commendable effort that will empower its citizens and provide them with the necessary documentation to access various rights and opportunities.

This follows the launch of the same initiative in Lainya County of Central Equatoria State





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