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Sudd Wetlands management plan unvailed

By Gladys Fred Kole


Government of South Sudan and the Nile Basin Initiative have launched Sudd Wetlands management plan.

The wetlands, the largest in the Nile basin, present a resource of great importance for the sustainable development of the basin.

Sudd is the largest wetland in Africa, in comparison to other expansive wetlands of the world.

The Wetland management strategy, developed in 2023, is a critical tool in protecting, conserving, preserving and sustainably managing the Sudd as an ecological treasure of the Nile Basin.

However, Dr Florence Grace Adongo the executive director of the NBI said that the Sudd Wetland is a world-class feature and it has to be protected.

“The wetlands support ecological services of the Nile ecosystems, supports livelihoods through providing pasture, seasonal agriculture and fishing grounds, contributes to the cultural and economic well-being, modifies the local climate resulting unconventional rainfall and interacts with the groundwater resources,” she said.

She said the Sudd wetland is of international significance as it is a transit zone for birds that migrate following the global climatic migratory patterns.

Like most wetlands, it contributes to rich biodiversity and climate regulation.

The Sudd therefore continues to provide an area of research sustainable development that facilitates understanding of the invaluable resources it presents.

“It is our strong conviction that the Sudd management strategy will be implemented to ensure that the resource potential is unlocked in a sustainable manner to meet the needs of the present and future generations,” she stated.

“we are simple stewards of these valuable and God-given natural resources and we hold them in trust for the future generations.”

Minister of Water and Irrigation Pal Mai Deng cited the need for the country should invest in this kind of project that brings in positive impacts and good relations in the region.

For his part the Deputy head of mission at the German Embassy Bjorn Niere said that South Sudan has not yet embarked on fully utilising the potential of the river.

“South Sudan is home to the major wetland in the river system that has a profound effect on the Nile flows the sudd landscape is of great importance as a source of livelihood, biodiversity, hotspot of flow of significance and also a major currency.”

He said that the Sudd Wetland is a critical resource both from the regional and national perspective on the basin.

He said the strategy that is launched today aims to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the Sudd ecosystem.

This strategy is a commitment and a call for action to the communities, government, civil society and private sector as well as development partners.

“Germany has supported this initial process of developing the action plan it is now the responsibility of South Sudan and the NBI to support the implementation of this project,” he added.

Specifically, a fully-fledged program is needed ready for funding to address the required management of the Sudd landscape.

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