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Suspect arrested over Police officer’s murder

By Yang Ater Yang


An armed man who fled after suspecting him of killing a police officer in Cueibet County, Lakes State, has been arrested, authorities said.

Lakes State Police spokesperson, Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac said Criimnal Investigation Department (CID) personnel arrest of the suspect in Machar-kitab.

The police officer was killed at Malou-Pech Payam post of Cueibet County.

Currently under detention at Cueibet county headquarters, Maj. Makuac expressed gratitude to the community for their cooperation, leading to capture of a suspect he referred to as “notorious criminal”.

The victim, Sergeant Major Bol Marual, was killed on the 21st of February this year, in a tragic incident at work station in Malou-Pech Payam, Cueibet County.

The arrest of the suspect brings some relief and satisfaction to the local community and law enforcement authorities as they work towards ensuring that justice prevails.

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