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Community demands life threat proof

By Charles K Mark


A Community has demanded National Minister of General Education and Instruction, Awut Deng Acuil, provides evidence of threats to her life.

Matthew Mathiang Magoordit, Chairman of Luanyjang Community said they are willing to investigate and take necessary action upon receiving sufficient evidence.


“If it is true that she has proof or evidence, exposing those who wrote the malicious letter of life threats, let her present it and we shall do our part to clean our name as the Luanyjang community,” he urged.

The community head expressed disappointment over the allegations made by the Minister regarding her safety.

“We are so surprised as Luanyjang community because such evil thoughts are never in our minds,” Magoordit said.

He is worried that the Minister might have taken seriously, intentional information published on social media to purposely cause panic by misinforming the public.

Early this month, Awut claimed that her life was threatened by the community over National Examination Council’s 2021 decision to suspend P8 exams in insecure areas, including Romic (a Luanyjang area).

“These threats targeting my family and me are unacceptable,” Minister Awut declared.

“I am not afraid to die in the line of duty, just like many South Sudanese who have sacrificed themselves for our nation.”

“The threats won’t intimidate me. They can find me anywhere; Wau, Juba, Tonj – I’m ready. Even here, if they want to come, they can,” she continued.

The Minister clarified that the letter mentioned “unknown gunmen,” a tactic she associated with past killings.

Mrs. Awut emphasized that the threats targeted her personally, not the institution.

“This warrants a personal lawsuit, which is what I’m pursuing against the individual who insulted me.”

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