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Mangala community urged to protect Hydromet station

By Gladys Fred Kole


Mangala Payam community has been urged to protect a new Hydrological Monitoring Station, established in the area.

Undersecretary at the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Peter Mahal made the urge during handover of the hydrological station.

The Mangala Hydrological Monitoring Station is one of seven provided for South Sudan by the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI).

However, five stations have already arrived the country, while the remaining two are yet to be procured.

Meanwhile, the Nile Basin Initiative establishes at total of 43 stations as part of the regional hydrometric system.

The stations play a crucial role in monitoring water levels, assessing potential dangers, and maximizing the country’s water resources for agricultural and irrigation purposes.

Speaking during the event, the Undersecretary stressed that the hydrological monitoring stations, such as the one received in Mangalla, provide essential information for analysis and informed decision-making in agriculture and irrigation.

However, the challenge lies in preventing the vandalism of the vital facilities.

He urged the community to take responsibility for the newly received equipment and highlighted that the facility is directly connected to the Ministry, enabling continuous monitoring of water levels and downstream activities.

“I need to emphasized that vandalization of these facilities is not good for our population it is a very essential tool the signs have reached to elevate life of humanity,” he said.

“We can monitor the floor of water if the rains are heavy in Uganda or Kenya or the Nile Basin where the downstream or upper stream then we can benefit and transit it into our plans. Let us utilize these facilities let us take care of them,” he urged.

Dr. Florence Grace Adongo, the Executive Director of NBI, highlighted the significance of establishing hydrological monitoring stations to manage water resources effectively.

“This small equipment is very important it prepares us for greater things am requesting the community here to take care of this equipment, and support the experts and the ministry so that whatever comes out of this can be used for the betterment of us all.” Dr. Adongo during the handover

Dr. Adongo stressed the importance of community support and care for the equipment, as it not only benefits South Sudan but also plays a crucial role in regional water management.

The monitoring stations enable experts to provide early alerts regarding water levels and behaviour in the Nile, facilitating balanced decision-making for both upstream and downstream countries.

The Executive Director stated that the technological advancements that have revolutionized data collection and analysis, allow real-time transmission of information directly to relevant offices.

She said NBI has provided training, tools, and equipment to enable the translation of data into actionable information for the benefit of the country and the region.

Mr. Hillary Lukudu Mohammed, the Executive Director of Mangala Town Payam, assured the safe keeping of the newly received facilities, stressing the community’s commitment to their protection.

“We are the owners of this facility now and the population here will surely take care of it,” Mr. Lukudu assured.


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