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Over 40 returnees arrive Yei

By James Innocent


A group of over 40 returnees, who had come from Uganda and Congo, arrived in Kejiko Boma of Yei River County, Central Equatoria state.

The returnees were warmly received by various government officials, led by the county commissioner, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa.

Some senior officers from South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) were also present.

Commissioner Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa expressed his appreciation to the SSPDF soldiers for their role in receiving the large number of returnees.

He said it demonstrates progress in the implementation of the peace process.

“I am very happy to see SSPDF soldiers receiving most of the returnees coming from Uganda and Congo meaning that the implementation of the peace process is one move and I encourage the military personnel to work together with the citizens who are returning home because this is a season of agriculture,” he said.

He encouraged the military personnel to collaborate with the returning citizens and work together, particularly as it is the agricultural season.

Kanyikwa also assured the people of Kejiko that the government is committed to providing essential social services, such as schools, hospitals, markets, and road rehabilitation, despite the existing challenges.

Laila Stella, one of the returnees, shared her experience of hardship in Uganda as a refugee, citing poor access to social services, including education, healthcare, and food.

She expressed her relief at returning home to Kejiko, where they encountered no problems.

“I was in Uganda most of the refugees fear to come home and settle but when we arrived in Kejiko nothing happened to us, we also found that the centre of Kejiko is also busy, some of the houses had broken down,” she narrated.

Stella highlighted the need for support from partners and the government in providing agricultural tools, as well as rehabilitating roads and bridges, as they prepare for the rainy season.

“We are urging most of the partners and government to support us with agricultural tools so that we start cultivating during the rainy season and the road should be rehabilitated especially some of the bridges,” she said.

Ezibon Gale, the executive director for Yei River County, commended the returnees for choosing to come home, emphasizing the importance of their presence in Kejiko for the government to develop the necessary infrastructure.

Gale called upon non-governmental organizations to support the newly arrived returnees as a way of encouraging others to return home.



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